7Mesh Ashlu Merino Jersey SS

  • $179.99

In this era of innovation, cycling apparel comes in a myriad of fabrics, from the always-exciting synthetic sphere, all the way to the simple, perfect world of wool. The Ashlu Jersey lands right in the middle. A modernization of the cherished, classic wool jersey, the Ashlu pairs smooth 17.5 micron Merino wool with stretch nylon. What does this mean for you? The instant comfort and warmth of wool coupled with the flexibility of nylon, which reduces sag and increases the lifespan of the garment. As with all 7mesh jerseys, the Ashlu is patterned to be worn in action, on the bike. 

Designed by 7mesh’s obsessive minds, the back pocket fabric features high stretch and recovers easily after being stuffed full of a jacket and gels. It’s also anchored at the shoulders ensuring your precious cargo stays in position during your ride without sagging down.