Race Face Aeffect Pedal

  • $144.99

Featuring a thin platform, concave aluminum body with bottom-loading pins. Shorter spindle design shaves weight making it perfect for trail bikes while the chromoly axle and bottom loading hex traction pins ensure it can take abuse and perform double duty on your DH rig. Hidden grease access port allows for on bike maintenance.

Product Features

Thin concave platform.

Reduced spindle length saves weight.

Hex-head threaded pin design offers more bite for added security.

Hidden / Grease access port for extended life.

Specifications & Colours

Built For: Trail/AM/FR/DH
Bearings: Cartridge bearings and DU bushings
Platform Size: 101x100mm
Axle Material: Chromoly steel
Body Material: 6061-T6 ALUMINUM
Weight: 375g
Height: 15-16.9mm
# of Pins:

20 SHCS hex traction pins per pedal

(10 per side)