7Mesh Eldorado Shirt

  • $64.99

It's summertime and the living is easy. There's time for everything in a day: long rides, short rides, a dunk at the lake, a stroll with the dog, or maybe even a pedal down to the pub for a pint. You don't need a top with all the bells and whistles, you just need a lightweight tech tee that wicks well, fits for riding and living, and looks good in the process. Simple, really.

In our search for Eldorado, we selected a lightweight 100% polyester knit, with no elastane to carry water and with a textured inner that mechanically wicks moisture away from your skin. High air-permeability maximizes air flow and evaporative cooling, while carefully crafted patterns achieve a functional but casual fit, not bagging out when you’re leaning forward on the bike. Although this is the simplest top in the 7mesh line, it still delivers unwavering performance and comfort, both on and off the bike.


  • Omega 100p Knit


  • 100g


  • Flatlocked seams
  • UPF 40