Assos Tiburu Bootie

  • $89.99


When Fabian Cancellara rode to Olympic gold in the Men's Individual Time Trial at the Rio games in 2016, he was wearing an early prototype of the Assos Tiburu Booties. The lightweight and breathable mid-season overshoes have since been refined by Assos with an all-new ergonomic fit and made available to the rest of us mere mortals.

Designed for spring and autumn riding, the Sense 2L double layer of super-stretch wrap-knit fabric brings the perfect combination of light weight and breathability. Offering excellent windproofing and shower protection, the Sens Tex construction is low volume allowing great freedom of movement.

Assos have employed their Tech Sheen system around the ankles to improve the garment's tear resistance. This super stretchy and hardwearing warp-knit mesh sustains the breathability of the product.

The zip-free construction gives the booties a simple, clean look, while the taped edges and minimal seams act to increase warmth, comfort and longevity of the garment.

The raw-cut cleat opening increases ease of use, while the Clima-range colour accents to the inside and trim of the booties make them easy to identify and relate to their intended seasonal use.

Bridge the gap between an aero bootie and a warm winter overshoe with the Assos Tiburu Booties, constructed from a blend of materials that lockout wind and water without compromising on weight or breathability.

Zip-free construction with a double layer of lightweight, super-stretch warp-knit material
Taped edges for added weather protection
Clima-range colour accents for easily identifying season-specific kit
Tech Sheen: Stretchy and hardwearing warp-knit mesh construction on heel and ankle for increased durability
Ergonomic cut for minimal wrinkles
Ideal for spring and autumn riding